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Agricultural Scientist Ioannis Karampatsos, active and innovative in the field of horticulture for over 35 years, founded the company "KARAMPATSOS NURSERIES".

With the collaboration and essential contribution of Nikos Kalogeropoulos and Antonis Tsioumas, the company has developed its productive and commercial activities in two geographic regions.

In the region of Marathon, Attica, in privately owned areas of 70 acres and in the region of Pyrgos, Ileia, where 200 acres are cultivated with increasing swing.



An exemplary exhibition area of 35 acres has been organised in Kato Souli of Marathon, Attica, where an experienced scientific and technical personnel are prepared to offer responsible services and information. The nurseries stock:

A big variety of outdoor ornamental trees and shrubs that flourish in Greece, ranging from small (propagation material) to very large growth.

Many species of fruit trees, such as citri, vine and olive trees

Garden construction supplies such as:

Earthenware Flowerpots (both Greek and imported)

Plastic Flowerpots

Humus rich soil

Bamboo canes

Other materials

The enterprise is founded upon the basic principle of exceptional product quality and excellent customer care, an attitude that we commit to maintain. In addition, we adapt to the ever-evolving production methods as well as nurture new techniques and ideas.


Ioannis Karampatsos (1937 –2004)

Founder of ''Karampatsos Nurseries''

A graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens, Ioannis Karampatsos was active in the field of horticulture for over 35 years. Apart from cultivation, for approximately 15 years, he also dealt with the manufacturing of large public and private phytotechnical commissions. During the last 10 years he had developed modern vineyards as well as a state of the art winery for the production of quality wine. He was distinguished in the scientific field of both floriculture and viniculture.

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