Our nurseries, of 270 acres in total, are cultivated with increasing swing. Ten of these acres are covered with greenhouse constructions that are used for the propagation of plants, as well as the preservation of species sensitive to cold weather.

The plant growth takes place in two ways:

Small and medium growth plants are developed with successive transplantations in plastic flowerpots until the desirable size is attained.

Large growth plants are developed in soil until the desirable size is attained. With the transplantation and keeping of plants in flowerpots for several months before they are available for sale, a rich rooting system is ensured. In combination with the supply of the appropriate cultivating care they are guaranteed successful installation and further satisfactory growth.

Aiming at producing products of superior quality, a complete technical infrastructure has been developed in all areas of cultivation.

This consists of the following:

Automatic electronic environmental control of the greenhouses

Fully automated irrigation

Automated electronically regulated fertilisation

Protection against the wind

Shading systems

Extensive installations of plant underpinning

Draining network

Perfectly formed access roads

Our experienced scientific and technical personnel have a particularly high level of expertise. Thanks to their constant updating on technological issues they are capable of approaching and assimilating all modern techniques.

Another objective in our production process is continuing to research into new species and varieties that are suitable for our country’s climate.


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